Dima Hamayunau


Ankr is a blockchain company providing services to developers and individual investors worldwide. We worked together to create a better experience for all types of users.

Product design, Design system

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ankr tumb


One of the areas of work was the design of Ankr Multi RPC, a service that connects developers, applications, and web3. My main tasks were to create, implement and support new features based on analytics data.

Ankr charts
Ankr code
Ankr charts
Ankr node

I also had the opportunity to work on other products, such as the Ankr token staking app and the web3 education platform.

ankr academy

Design system

My other project was to create a single UI Kit across all of the Ankr products. Write universal rules for product designers and frontend developers.

ankr academy
Ankr colors
Ankr icons
ankr switches
Ankr elements


I also was involved in the creation of marketing pages and other materials for the company.

ankr desk landing
Ankr tablet landing
Ankr mobile landing

↓ Other projects

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